Optimization and maintenance of WordPress

If you do not have enough time to maintain your site or do not have enough experience in working with sites, then I offer my professional services.

Orders from Russia are not accepted!

Blocking spam bots and configuring security

Blocking spambots and setting up a security plugin – 50$. The term of completion is 1-2 days.

Administering your WordPress site

I offer quality monthly support for your WordPress site!

What is included in the price 100$ / month:

  1. Control of payment for renewal of hosting, domain;
  2. Website health monitoring;
  3. Consultations and recommendations on the site;
  4. Installing plugins (if necessary);
  5. Adding up to 20 posts / products per month;
  6. Site backup;
  7. Setting up statistics, Webmaster, etc.

To work you will need:

  • Link;
  • Administrative access from the site;
  • Providing materials or news that need to be posted (or a link from where to get them for posting).

I am not engaged in copywriting on a commercial basis, the texts must be provided by you in a finished form with selected images.

The initial cost of the service is 100$ / month or in hryvnia at the exchange rate. (All work is done on 100% prepayment). For all questions, you can contact the address: [email protected] or through the contacts indicated on the website

Speed ​​up the loading of sites on WordPress

Если на вашем сайте WordPress низкие показатели скорости загрузки, то я готов предложить выполнение If your WordPress site has low loading speed, then I’m ready to suggest work to speed it up. Both the desktop and mobile versions of the site will be accelerated.

The necessary plugins will be installed and configured on your site, and the optimization will be carried out.

What specific work will be carried out:

  • Reducing the server response time (if the problem is not on the host’s side);
  • Image optimization and conversion to modern compressed Webp format;
  • Configured lazy loading of scripts and code blocking display;
  • Optimization of downloading videos from Youtube and similar services;
  • Optimization of html, css and js code;
  • Configured caching of site content;
  • Compression setting;
  • and other…

All settings will continue to work without any of your intervention. When adding new pages and images, all optimization will be applied to them automatically.

P.S. I do not take on all sites created with elementor and other constructors! The speed on such pages will increase, but far from being excellent, take this into account when contacting.

Lead time 1-3 days. The cost of the service is from 50$ or in hryvnia at the exchange rate. (All work is done on 100% prepayment). For all questions, you can contact the address: [email protected] or through the contacts indicated on the website

It is also possible to provide services for transferring sites to another hosting or domain.

To complete you will need:

  1. Admin login and password for entering the WordPress admin panel;
  2. Access to file manager on hosting or FTP access (Depends on hosting);
screenshot 2021 09 03 at 00 11 24 pagespeed insights
screenshot 2021 09 03 at 00 10 58 pagespeed insights
screenshot 2021 09 02 at 23 39 41 jetpack boost ‹ ddr5 ru — wordpress

It is worth warning right away that the indicators cannot always reach 90-99% on mobile devices, since a lot depends on the plugins you use and additional and third-party functionality. For example: a large number of large images or galleries on the page, heavy email subscription forms and the like, complex sliders, etc., especially at the top of the screen; loading scripts and codes from third-party resources (chats, etc.), etc. As a rule, download speed on mobile devices suffers more from this.

I always strive for the best result, but there are things that I cannot do. In these cases, I try to bring it to the yellow zone and get as close to 90% as possible.ну и максимально приблизиться к 90%, насколько это возможно.

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